İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi

Our company, which provides human resources services with its experienced staff, has the necessary information resources, knowledge and experience to provide quality and timely service to its customers.

As CPATURK, The human resources services we provide are classified under 4 main headings::

Payroll :

  • Personnel transactions
  • Payroll data entry (premium, overtime, meals, etc.) and calculation
  • Bank payments
  • Replying questions from staff
  • SGK workplace transactions (declaration etc.)
  • SGK entry and exit transactions
  • ISKUR procedures
  • Job leaving calculations and management
  • Management reporting processes

Recruitment Consultancy :
  • Personnel selection and placement services in all positions (except IT and blue-collar workers)
  • Collective recruitment
  • Temporary staff selection and placement service (during maternity leave, unpaid leave taken after maternity leave duration, etc.)

Staffing :
  • To fulfill the personnel transactions of many employees on our own payroll

Work Permit Consultancy :
  • Obtaining and / or extending work permits for foreign employees

Human Resources Manager